Inside with the Interns: Hannah Boakye

We are back again with another post for our ‘Inside with the Interns’ series, where you’ll get to know about Hannah who was our Social Media intern for August and September. We hope you enjoy reading this one.

Where do I even begin? Cliché- I know but forgive me, it’s been a whirl wind of a summer and I’m still coming to terms with everything that has happened. I have a feeling that this is going to be a LONG one, so if I were you, I would make yourself a cuppa, grab a biscuit and kick back.

I guess the logical place to start this blog post off with would be my graduation in July. After three amazing, but extremely challenging years, I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Journalism degree and several NCTJ qualifications under my belt. If I thought completing University had been stressful; I was in for a bigger shock. I was about to enter the ‘real world’.

If you’re a final year student or a recent graduate, I’m sure you can imagine how daunting this whole process is. The thought of becoming an adult and leaving behind the luxury of being a student was bittersweet. I would be swapping the long summer breaks for limited annual leave; the two hour lectures for a 9-5 and not to mention having little to no time to binge watch Netflix series. I mean the list goes on.

However, despite my fears and anxiety, it wasn’t all doom and gloom and I actually had something very exciting to look forward too. I was fortunate enough to have lined up an internship with Samphire Communications, which I would be starting in August.

To be completely honest with you I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had completed an internship with a PR company the summer before, but this time I would be carrying out a new role as Samphire’s social media intern.

From day one, I was pretty much thrown into the action and honestly this was the best thing that could have happened. Was I nervous- yes! But, I knew how valuable getting this experience was, so, there was no point sitting awkwardly on the side-lines, I had to get stuck in! Not to mention, there was always someone from the team ensuring that I was on track and comfortable with whatever I was doing, so I never felt abandoned.

One of my main tasks was coming up with ideas and a strategy on how to improve the company’s LinkedIn page and their blog. This was my bread and butter, especially as several of my University modules had involved creating news sites, creating content for them and finding ways to increase traffic and engagement, so I naturally found myself fully immersed in it all.

Aside from this, I was also tasked with creating social media plans for clients, scheduling posts, interacting with their audiences and even had the opportunity to attend a photoshoot-this was probably my favourite part because it meant free food!

Before I knew it, I had been interning for a good three weeks and fully felt like one of the chicks. The commute from Reading to London had grown on me and the busy area of Fitzrovia was becoming familiar to me. So, when I was asked if I would intern until the end of September rather than finish at the end of August, I accepted without hesitation.

My social role continued as usual, but I also now had the responsibilities of the PR intern, meaning my hands were even fuller, but I was super excited to be experiencing the best of both worlds.

As my two months of interning came to an end, one day I was called into a meeting with the big boss- scary! She told me how impressed they had been with the work I had carried out over the past weeks and to my surprise I was offered a permanent position as Social Media Executive!

I couldn’t believe it and sometimes I still have to pinch myself, however, I’m extremely excited and grateful to be able to do what I love every day! My advice for anyone looking for an internship or currently interning would be to make sure that you put 100% into everything you do because you just never know the good that could come from it! I certainly didn’t!

Hannah Boakye

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Inside with the Interns: Roxana Caia

Welcome to our newest series, ‘Inside with the Interns’, where you’ll hear first hand the experiences from the lovely, eager and hard-working individuals who come to work with us.

Our first post of the series starts of with Roxana who was our PR intern for August, we hope you enjoy it.

Quite dramatic of me to start with ‘by the time you read this article, I will have already left’ but, alas, there comes a time in one’s life…

Never have I ever felt more grown up than I did when I moved to London for five weeks to complete my internship at Samphire this summer. The realisation dawned on me on a morning commute from my apartment in up-and-coming Brixton to our little office in the heart of Fitzrovia – I’ve always been a big city girl, I was born in Bucharest, Romania, so I am used to the buzz and noise of a capital city. And yet, the mere idea that I was on the tube at 9 am on my way to work in London, the most glorious city to ever exist, felt like a major badge of honour.

It’s funny thinking about it in retrospect, but I was actually nervous about what joining Samphire might feel like. Looking back, my expectations and fears feel rather delusional, bordering on The Devil Wears Prada stereotypes about a fast-paced industry that forgives nothing and no one. I had worked in PR before joining Samphire, a fact which the rational side of my brain was desperately trying to reiterate every time I felt myself panicking, and yet all the media talk about the stark differences between the North and South of England provided endless fuel to my panic fire. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the rhythm of the city, that I would feel overwhelmed and stuck in a creative rut.

Having finished my five weeks at the agency, I can definitely attest the most valuable experience at Samphire has been proving myself wrong on all the demons I’d constructed prior to my arrival. It may sound underwhelming, but I can’t imagine what my post-graduation career prospects would have sounded like had I not taken the leap of faith of moving to London. There is something truly unique about the way things work around here, the expectations clients have of you, the breadth of profiling opportunities you have to choose from – in short, as cheesy as it may come across, there’s nothing quite as motivational as the endless possibilities that London seems to be offering you on the daily. I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I am really looking forward to finishing my academic career and finally getting to work full time in this city, I have a feeling I will never get bored of it.

By the time you’re reading this, I will have returned to my UK home of Newcastle, up North. I am about to start my third (and final) year at Newcastle University, doing Media, Communications & Cultural Studies, and the thought of graduating is both terrifying and incredibly thrilling. At the end of the day, I may not have spent my ‘hot girl summer’ travelling around the world, but I actually feel that investing these few months off into my future career was perhaps one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. It turns out there’s life (and hope) after graduation, and I would have likely never known that without this valuable work experience.

Roxana Caia